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Expungement & Record Sealing

Record expungement and sealing

Our team works to research the details of the conviction and prepares the necessary expungement documents to file the application. We will also provide representation in court if required. At the end of the process, we will serve the national databases that collect background information that the conviction has been sealed. Finally, we’ll provide you with the documentation needed to prove that conditions have been met to have the record expunged.

With ever increasing use of background checks, we dedicated to help people clear criminal records because we understand that our clients employment and future opportunities may depend on having a clean record.   Our lead attorney, Gregory Mathews, is a former prosecutor and serves as a licensed criminal defense lawyer since 1988.  He passionately believes an old criminal record should not continue to punish a person for the rest of their life. Everyone makes mistakes. We can help you get a second chance. Get started with our FREE EXPUNGEMENT ELIGIBILITY TEST.

Don't Let a Past Mistake Haunt You

Recently, the Ohio state legislature dramatically changed the laws to expand the number of convictions, and the type of convictions eligible for expungement and sealing. As a result, the new law allows more people to be eligible to have their misdemeanor and felony convictions sealed who were not eligible in the past.  Even a person who was denied an expungement by a court in the past may now be eligible for expungement under Ohio’s new law. Now is a great time to put those mistakes behind you. Visit our website to read more about Record Sealing and Expungement.

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