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Whether you are buying, selling or leasing real estate or dealing with other issues relating to real estate that you own, Mathews & Gill has the experience and knowledge to provide you with advice and representation you need.

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One of the questions clients purchasing real estate often ask is whether they need an attorney if they are already working with a realtor. The simple answer is that in most cases it is wise to have legal counsel whose sole job is to protect your interests. Keep in mind that while most realtors who represent the buyer’s side of the deal are very dedicated to protecting their clients’ interests, they do not receive a commission unless the sale happens.

Our attorneys can review the offer written by your realtor before it gets delivered to the seller’s agent and sometimes add language to better protect you and meet your objectives. We can assist you in evaluating and responding to any counteroffers prepared by the seller and represent you at the closing.


Whether you are buying or selling real estate, our firm can help. There are many things to consider on both ends of the transaction and our team can help protect your interests and help you complete a successful transaction. 


We assist clients whether the landlord or tenant in drafting or reviewing and negotiating lease agreements of all types, including leases for offices, retail and warehouse space.


Before purchasing a condo, we recommend having one of our experience real estate attorneys review the agreement. Understanding bi-laws and restrictions up front will avoid contract issues down the road. 


Over the past 30+ years, Mathews & Gill has reviewed and negotiated hundreds of leases, and have drafted many as well for both landlords and tenants.

Rental Property

If you or your business own rental properties, we can assist you in drafting leases and with evictions, if necessary.


We have experience with a wide range of real estate litigation matters including title issues, partition, eminent domain, easements, zoning & more.

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